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Mac OS X Version:. Deselect Put the hard disk s to sleep when possible. Set computer sleep Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive for to Never. Activity Monitor and the application's Dock icon indicate that the application is Not Responding. Other applications are responding nominally. The application is frozen or hung. Wait a few minutes to see if the application either becomes responsive or crashes. If the application crashes, examine it's crash log for clues.

If the application fails to respond, do one of the following: Force the application to quit. Terminate the application in Activity Monitor. If this problem recurs, use Activity Monitor to save a sample of the application while it is hung. Send the sample to the developer or include it as part of filing a bug report for the application. Your Mac is unresponsive. If all else fails, press and hold the power button on your Mac until your computer turns off.

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  • Disconnect Peripherals.
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  • Preliminary Precautions.

Restart your Mac, preferably in Safe Mode. If you shut down your Mac via the power button, it is recommended that you check for disk, permission, or cache corruption. Check Console for clues to the cause of the system hang by examining the console and system logs. Problem with Internet connection or Help Viewer. Try the following: Perform the action in the following table corresponding to your version of Mac OS X:. Try the following: Troubleshoot your Intenet connection.

Try Network Diagnostics.

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Try the following: Wait for the application to abandon its "phone home" attempt. Disable the Firewall before quitting the application in question, then enable the firewall after the application quits. Install Little Snitch 2 to monitor outbound network traffic and to determine if a given application is behaving as described. Contact the developer for further assistance.

If license verification is being performed, determine which TCP and UDP ports should be enabled in the firewall to avoid this problem. After a time, an alert window opens stating that a script is slowing the browser; the alert window contains buttons labeled Stop and Continue. The Web page contains a vast amount of data , the loading of which has exceeded the browser's built-in timeout interval. The Web page contains an inefficient or incompatible client-side script , such as a JavaScript. If issues continue on your desktop Mac not MacBooks , its logic board battery might need replacing.

Most times, the steps above will usually fix your problem. However, if it did not work for you, there are a few additional steps that you can take before you decide to Reinstall macOS or Mac OS X on your machine. When you boot in verbose mode, you see all the information on-screen that macOS normally hides.

That detailed information helps you or a service provider identify the source of the problem and possibly fix it. For those that know and understand UNIX, verbose mode can be quite useful for troubleshooting. In this step, you run in Single User Mode using the command fsck , which stands for a file system check. This is a final step before reinstallation—please follow the earlier steps before using Terminal.

Disconnect Peripherals

Be aware that in Single User Mode, you see commands scroll by on-screen. This is normal. Restart your Mac. Keep holding down these keys until you see a black screen with white letters. Now you have launched your Mac on a Single user mode. The next few steps will help check for file system consistency and remount the boot volume. Step — F. AppleSetupDone and press return. These Seven steps above should help your Mac deal with the White Screen issue. If you are dealing with white screen after installing El Capitan, check out our article that specifically addresses the El Capitan issue.

If nothing above works, you may try this. Connect your Mac to the Internet. Release the keys when you see the Apple logo. Another option is to boot up with the Startup Manager by holding the Option key. To create a Disk Image, you need an external drive or flash drive that has sufficient space for your Disk Image. Of course, moving forward try to create a backup regularly, using Time Machine is a great option which requires little action or remembering! He is based out of Los Angeles, CA.

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iMac Stuck on Apple Logo with Loading Bar/Spinning Wheel (Fixed)

Learn how your comment data is processed. I bought after I sold my window desktop and the remaining money I borrow from my friends when someone tells me Apple product is better than others. But now I am losing half of my life on suffering that product. Updated my operating system bc I was prompted to and now I have a grey screen that will do nothing. How do I fix this issue? Thanks in advance: -. See if it recognizes your Mac.

If so, try reinstalling macOS. Pls I need ur help. It sounds like your hard drive was physically damaged.

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We suggest you replace the drive, even if you get it showing again. One day it just would not boot, it kept looping. Fast Forward. I have done every step in this article.

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When I try to install from my external hard drive the apple logo is there and it shows it is loading and then the screen just goes white and the computer loops again. Are you able to run Disk Utility to check the drive on your iMac? If possible, you can connect your iMac to your MacBook using target disk mode and then run Disk Utility through your MacBook. I suspect that the hard drive in your iMac may be corrupt and need replacing. For Mac notebook computers with the T2 chip Shut Down After your Mac shuts down, press and hold its power button for 10 seconds Release the power button, then wait a few seconds Press the power button again to turn on your Mac.

I have MacBook Pro in early First, try holding down the Option key when you start up your Mac—see if that boot drive appears as an option. Finally, if you have a friend or co-worker with a Mac, ask them to create another bootable installer for you—or do it yourself on another Mac. Thanks for your reply. I have now tried everything listed on the site including trying to install a new system from the internet. At no time has the apple logo shown up, only a grey screen.