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Download free. The application allows customizable learning. This flash-card system allows you to master the language at your own pace, with a method proven to enhance the learning experience. The Talk Now!

Hebrew CD allows beginners to practice everyday speech and reinforces learning with interactive games, quizzes, and stories. The World Talk Hebrew CD moves the user to the next level with new activities, dictations, and a recording feature that allows the user to compare pronunciation with that of a native speaker.

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The program prepares the learner to cope with everyday situations in Hebrew. It can be a helpful tool for study of Old Testament language as well as modern ivrit. It has two quiz modes and native speaker audio pronunciation of letters. Learning the Hebrew alphabet letters will start you on the way to reading the Bible in Hebrew or working with the Bible codes. Includes automatic word lookup and spell check.

The program uses the popular iTrans scheme of transliteration.

Look up a word, add your own words, edit or delete an entry, and learn words at your own pace from a personal learning list. There are no phrases to memorize or verbs to conjugate. The language is absorbed gradually through a series of 20 self-guided and easy-to-follow practical lessons on: asking questions, describing family members, talking about the weather, ordering at a restaurant, asking directions, shopping, counting money, reading street signs, making a phone call, using a calendar, and traveling.

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A recording feature enables you to compare your pronunciation with the prerecorded native speaker's voice. We have added a long list of features which will allow the users to have an insight into the application and what it has to offer. you buy ROSETTA this!!!

Have a look! We hope that this overview helped you find a good application for your language learning skills. Happy learning! This is the complete offline setup of Rosetta Stone TOTALe 5 which has excellent compatibility with all latest and famous operating systems. Language Packs. Download WordPress Themes Free. Download WordPress Themes. Premium WordPress Themes Download.

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Read short stories aloud for instant feedback. What you learn now is the foundation of your language journey. Find your feet This is where your learning experience really gets going. Get outside and explore your surroundings!

Eat out, order a drink, ask for directions, haggle over an item, or make a new friend. Consult our easy-to-access Phrasebook for greetings, phrases, and useful expressions. Out and about without internet access? Learn offline with downloadable lessons, or listen to our audio companion. You can talk about everyday life, ask for advice, communicate with clients, and make jokes.

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You can conduct business and socialize with confidence. If you enjoy your Rosetta Stone trial, do nothing and your subscription will automatically continue.

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If auto-renew is on, Google Play will bill your subscription to at your current price. Reviews Review Policy. View details.