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We offer technical support for CCC 4, but we are no longer actively developing it.

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CCC 4 license holders are welcome to continue using CCC 4 on later OSes with the understanding that this is an untested and unsupported configuration. Download CCC 3.

How to Clone a Mac OS X HDD to SSD with Disk Utility

CCC 3. Skip to main content. Download Carbon Copy Cloner. Mountain Lion.

Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) for Mac - Download

Carbon Copy Cloner requires macOS. CCC will not run on Windows. Your Catalina startup disk will not appear in CCC's sidebar. If you would like to make a backup of your user data on a Catalina volume not that you should be using it in production!

Third-party apps need pre-approval to see the content of external volumes on macOS Catalina. Stay tuned for another beta release that will address most of the "backing up the Catalina startup disk" issues.

No, we don't have a timeline. Data Recovery for Mac.

Data Recovery for iPhone. For old OS X Fortunately, there are some disk cloning applications still are able to clone hard drive in OS X This is a good way to make a backup of data under OS X Today, we will introduce how to clone hard drive in OS X If you are going to clone hard drive in OS X Actually, it can clone any type of hard drive from one location to another location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just choose the source hard drive and the destination drive. For example, if you want to copy hard drive A to hard drive B, just choose the hard drive A as the source drive and choose the hard drive B as the destination drive.

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AweClone for Mac also can help you create a disk image of the hard drive and save the disk image to the destination drive. Then choose the source drive and destination drive. This is the disk-saving solution to backup disk in OS X