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You can choose from many available male and female voices. You can also set the pitch of the voice and the reading speed. Supports PDF. Home Page: readaloud. Text-to-speech TTS is an assistive technology that reads digital text aloud. With a click of a button or the touch of a finger, TTS can take words on a computer or other digital device and convert them into audio.

TTS is very helpful for kids who struggle with reading. But it can also help kids with writing and editing, and even focusing. How Text-to-Speech Works TTS works with nearly every personal digital device, including computers, smartphones and tablets. All kinds of text files can be read aloud, including Word and Pages documents. Even online web pages can be read aloud.

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The voice in TTS is computer-generated, and reading speed can usually be sped up or slowed down. Voice quality varies, but some voices sound human. There are even computer-generated voices that sound like children speaking. Many TTS tools highlight words as they are read aloud. This allows kids to see text and hear it at the same time. How Text-to-Speech Can Help Your Child Print materials in the classroom—like books and handouts—can create obstacles for kids with reading issues. Using digital text with TTS helps remove these barriers.

Tutorial: Free text to speech using the default Mac OS app

And since TTS lets kids both see and hear text when reading, it creates a multisensory reading experience. It allows environmental barriers to be removed for people with a wide range of disabilities. The longest application has been in the use of screen readers for people with visual impairment, but text-to-speech systems are now commonly used by people with dyslexia and other reading difficulties as well as by pre-literate children. They are also frequently employed to aid those with severe speech impairment usually through a dedicated voice output communication aid.

Speech synthesis techniques are also used in entertainment productions such as games and animations.

In , Animo Limited announced the development of a software application package based on its speech synthesis software FineSpeech, explicitly geared towards customers in the entertainment industries, able to generate narration and lines of dialogue according to user specifications. Please note that Narrate just landed in Firefox Nightly , and that it will take a while before it becomes available in other versions of the web browser.

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  8. Reader Mode is not available on all pages by default. The feature parses the page to determine whether it is suitable for Reader Mode, and will display its icon if the result of the parsing is positive. The icon is displayed on the right of Firefox's address bar where users can click on it to load the page in the mode. If you have ever used a readability extension or service, you know already what Reader Mode does. It streamlines the content on the page by removing menus, advertisement, widgets and other elements that are unrelated to the content.

    It furthermore changes the layout of the content by using its own stylesheet for text and media displayed on the page.

    How to Have Siri Read Articles to You On Your Mac

    Narrate is a new option that is listed in Reader Mode's sidebar. A click on the feature allows you to enable the text to speech feature so that the text is read to you aloud. You may switch between different voice packages, on Windows 10 those were Microsoft David Desktop and Microsoft Zira Desktop which are male and female voices respectively.

    Another option that is provided by Narrate is to change the speed of the audio. You may use the slider to speed it up or slow it down, depending on your requirements. The back and forward buttons jump to the previous and next paragraph on the page, and are only active during playback. The audio continues to play even if you switch to other tabs in the browser or even other programs that run on your computer. One interesting feature or Narrate is that hitting stop will have Reader Mode remember the paragraph Narrate processed at that time so that audio playback jumps back to the beginning of that paragraph when you hit play again instead of starting from the very beginning.

    Narrate seems to rely on installed voice packages on the underlying operating system to function which means that it does not require online access for its functionality but may not be available on all systems Firefox is compatible with.

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