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The Ethernet Frame An Ethernet frame on an Ethernet link begins with 8 bytes of preamble including the start frame delimiter.

Following which, each Ethernet frame continues with the destination and source MAC addresses. The middle section of the frame is payload data including any headers for other protocols e. Internet Protocol carried in the frame. The frame ends with a bit cyclic redundancy check which is used to detect any corruption of data in transit.

Dissecting the frame: The 8 byte Preamble is used for clock synchronization by the receiving NIC to determine network segment speed.

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The 6 byte Destination address is evaluated by the switch to make its forwarding decision and it is also used by the receiving NIC to determine if the frame is for this device. The 6 byte Source address is where the frame originated from Unicast. The Type field is used to indicate which protocol is encapsulated in the payload of the Ethernet Frame. If it is a Length field it denotes using the The Receiver calculates a CRC based on the bits received and compares to what was sent in the frame to validate. This allows detection of corrupted data within the entire frame. Ethernet Frame Types There are several types of Ethernet frames.

The different frame types have different formats and MTU values, but can coexist on the same physical network. The IEEE The Q-tag is followed by the rest of the frame, using one of the four frame types mentioned above.

Packet format

For example, an EtherType value of 0x signals that the frame carries an IPv4 datagram. IEEE Since the packet recipient still needs to know how to interpret the packet, the standard required an IEEE Many years later, the In practice, both formats are widely in use.

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The original Version II Ethernet framing is the most common in Ethernet local area networks, due to its simplicity and lower overhead. In order to allow some packets using Ethernet v2 framing and some packets using the That value was chosen because the maximum length of the payload field of an Ethernet If the field's value is greater than or equal to , the frame must be an Ethernet v2 frame, with that field being a type field.

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XXX - we should mentioned that the Patton's list of Ethernet type codes , and the IEEE's list of public Ethernet type assignments for lists of some assigned Ethernet type codes. Not all assigned Ethernet type codes are reported publicly. If the receiving host detects a wrong CRC, it will throw away that packet.

History See Wikipedia for a brief history of Ethernet Protocol dependencies Ethernet is the lowest software layer, so it only depends on hardware. Example traffic Small portion of the capture from opening wireshark.

Packets and Protocols

Time Source Destination Protocol Info 1 0. Opening www. Since many clusters implement MAC failover and they create the "new" MAC address for the failover interface as the same MAC address as the primary interface but with the LA bit set to 1, we should also add code to strip this bit off when we try to map it to a OID name.

Ethernet last edited by BillMeier. Filter Traffic Description. Ethernet Multicast only least significant bit of first address byte set. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Protocol data unit of Ethernet telecommunications technologies. See also: Physical Coding Sublayer. See also: Syncword.

Main article: IEEE Main article: Subnetwork Access Protocol. This notation matches the one used in the IEEE There are layer-2 sniffers that can capture and display the preamble and start frame delimiter, but they are expensive and mainly used to detect problems related to physical connectivity. Retrieved 12 April Retrieved 9 February Opcodes are transmitted high-order octet first.

Within each octet, bits are transmitted least-significant bit first.

Advanced use of VLANs

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